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Title: Axiom (via Newtonian Methods)

Axiom (via Newtonian Methods)

Newtonian method fractals depicted through layered paper cutouts.

4th Illustration Show Poster Concept

4th Illustration Show Poster Concept

Poster art concept for a comic-book themed illustration show.

Self-Portrait Drawn Using Four Techniques - Graphic, Cross-Hatch, Line Art, Stippling.

Agent Me

Facebook avatar for “secret agent” themed student illustration group.

Title: That Time When I Had a Pet Boa…

That Time When I Had a Pet Boa…

(Series) These linocut prints take personal childhood experiences and through exaggeration transforms them into mythological scenes.

Title: Beaker’s Origin Story

Beaker’s Origin Story

A student airbrush project.

I Am Not an Animal: The Reluctant Astronaut

The Reluctant Astronaut

An illustration depicting a movie character as an animal. Recipient of the 2015 ADDYs Silver Student Award for Elements of Advertising: Illustration.

Watercolor and colored-pencil illustration of a man working on circuitry.

Music To Illustrate To: Engineer

Part of a series of illustrations created in response to music played during class.